Sure you could DIY your brand, but you want to look like a pro from day one, right?
And you want to make pro-dollars too!

What you need is, someone to help you with not only the design side of things but also the strategy. Someone who knows how to pinpoint your point of difference and convey it clearly to your ideal clients.
Well, hello there, I am that person. 

So if you are ready to become a magnet for your ideal client,
with a brand that feels, looks and sounds like you, you need to work with me.

We can help with everything brand related – Logo Design, Website Design, Marketing Material – basically anything you need to build a consistent brand.

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Struggling to hone in on your brand and biz identity? Confused by how to express your essence? Not quite sure if your ideas are hitting the spot? Let’s CONQUER YOUR BRAND in one day!

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Before I dive into why I’m the perfect boss-lady to guide you to bold branding and business success, let me tell you a bit about my story…

For as long as I can remember, all I have wanted to do is run my own creative business. Growing up my mother started her own ceramic studio in our double garage.

Each Wednesday night and Saturday morning our garage was filled to the brim with laughing and happy women who spent hours indulging in their creative passions. The studio wasn’t fancy; it was two rectangular tables, a collection of mismatched chairs and some shelving but it was filled with creativity, paints and passion. My mum, Stella, truly loved what she was doing and it showed. She was her own boss lady and that’s what I wanted to be one day.

Fast forward, 15 years and you’d have found me with my head down, butt up working out of my home office to bring my dream of a creative business that roared with authenticity and awesomeness to life. Flash forward another seven years and here I am today.

Just like my mother, I started my graphic design business, Design With Style, from nothing except my own creativity and passion. I have employees (six-year-old me is pretty excited about that) and a successful business that allows me to express myself intuitively and creatively.

I’m the founder and art director of ROOOAR, the digital magazine that’s redefining the landscape for female entrepreneurs, and I’m a business mentor for some of the most brilliantly passionate boss-ladies out there.

But mostly, you should know that I’m a bad-ass boss lady with a habit of success and a penchant for game-changing branding. In short, I’m the perfect mentor/guide/ sister/fairy godmother to guide you on your branding and business journey.


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