We all want to cut our business expenses but none of us can afford to skimp on how our business looks to our consumers.  How your brand or image is presented to the market has a direct impact on your bottom line results. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and you’d like yours to be wooing clients, not scaring them away.  

Your choice of graphic designer is critical to the clarity of your brand message. It is more important to choose the right designer than the least expensive one. An investment in quality graphic design is an investment in your business security and success.  I know you may think I am being biast but I only speak the truth!

Below are just some of the ways you will benefit by working with a great graphic designer.

1. A wealth of design experience.

Design is not simply about making something look pretty. It’s about translating your brand message into a visual language. As any interpreter will tell you, it takes experience to make the right word choices. A clever designer will pick up on the words, the feelings and intentions behind them, and shape them into a design which has the same impact and meaning. An experienced and talented graphic designer has a wide vocabulary and superb command of visual language. She will make your message gorgeous to look at and present it so that it appeals to your ideal clients.

2. Time dedicated purely to your brand.

Creating an original design is not easy and it takes a lot of work. If you’ve chosen a cheap graphic designer, you will have a fast turnaround time because she can’t afford to allocate much time to your needs.  You will probably also have quite a muffled message presented by the end design.

Instead, choose a graphic designer who can take the time to get to know you, your business and the clients you want to connect with. Only then will she start creating the visual concept for your business. The time taken now will pay off in the end product.

3.  Access to quality printers and print services.

If you are working with an experienced designer you will be lucky enough to have access to other high quality services such as printers. Anyone who has been producing quality design work for a while will have discovered which printers do the best work. Speaking from experience I can tell you that there is nothing worse than sending your beautiful design off only to see it come back with poor colouring or printed on substandard card. Believe me, both you and your designer want to see your brand message presented at its best.

When you choose a great graphic designer she will care for your designs from the moment of conception to the moment they are finally produced.  She will only use the best of services for your design products.

4. Caring for your business and brand.

It’s important to find the right graphic designer because then you can work together on your business. Your designer is like a business partner who specialises in turning your communications, vision and values into visual stories.

It should feel as though your designer is working in the same headspace. She understands your business and your market so well that it becomes a simple process to express what you want the design to do. When you find the right person, you develop a solid working relationship that lasts over time.

5. Original and stunning design.

Your brand is what distinguishes your business from the competition. It’s what speaks to your people and makes them feel comfortable that you are the business they want to buy from.

Your business is unique. It has a personality and identity all of its own. You want an amazing brand to reflect your amazing business, don’t you? Don’t restrict it by tying your image up in a rushed job, poor design or – even worse – a template layout!

When you work with a talented graphic designer you will never have to fear seeing elements of your brand or your logo on someone else’s business materials. She will set your brand free to shine with its own unique and totally original design.

If you are ready to create your own brand, do what you’d advise your clients to do. Invest in yourself and your business. Choose a professional graphic designer to create your brand images. Do it once and do it properly, and your choice will bring you exciting results!

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