Are you ready for a business confession?

There’s something that people say to me a lot that kind of…
grates on me, to put it mildly.

Know what it is? They’ll say: ‘You guys are so lucky that ROOOAR took off the way it did. You’re so lucky to have such a successful project.’

Grrrrrrrr. It makes me want to roll my eyes and gnash my teeth and stab something with a fork. All at the same time. Why? Because luck had nothing to do with it. Well, maybe 0.05%, but that’s it.

The other 99.95%?

Hard work, hard-won wisdom, and branding the CRAP out of our little spark of an idea to turn it into a blazing, big-time success.

It may seem from the outside that ROOOAR was somewhat of an overnight hit – we landed amazing cover girls, we scored awesome sponsors and backers, we got some of the most kick-ass ladies on the interwebs to line up as contributors, we even got the personal stamp of approval from Richard Branson himself (at least, that’s how I took it when Virgin Australia asked us to be part of their inflight entertainment!).

And though all of that happened relatively quickly in the life of the magazine, it only happened because me and my partner-in-crime (Nicki Mckay) applied every skerrick of expertise that we’d built up over our combined decades in our respective industries and put it into action on this project.

Nicki’s zones of genius are far and wide – web development, project management, spotting pearls amid the oysters, writing from the heart, disrupting the ordinary, and having ideas out the wazoo, to name just a few.

And mine?

Amongst other things: Art design. Visioning. Capturing the essence of a project and infusing it into every aspect. Creating an amazing experience. Positioning the bejeezers out of things. Honing a voice, a vibe, a feel.

All of which I like to sum up under the one heading: branding.

Branding is my lifeblood. At DWS, people might come to me looking for a logo, but what I actually coach them through and help them create is a brand.

And freaking kick-ass branding was one of the key components of what made ROOOAR seem like an overnight success. Because of the brand we created, the mag was able to burst onto the stage, generate immediate traction, and seem like it belonged amongst all the big-time players (who, truth be told, had far more money and manpower than we did).

That’s why I’m so thrilled to be sharing everything I know
about branding in my brand new eCourse…. BRAND YOUR BIZ LIKE A BOSS-LADY.

This 8-week course is designed to help you cut through fear and confusion, create a compelling brand, become a magnet for your dream clients, and (finally) crack the big-time. It’s filled with every skerrick of knowledge and expertise that I’ve accrued over the past decade working with online businesses, including all the exact strategies and techniques that have helped ROOOAR become Australia’s premier digital magazine for female entrepreneurs.

Basically, if you want to STOP playing small in the online world and start stepping up as the big-time biz maven you know you can be, then this is for you.

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Success is no accident, sweet friend; it’s a deliberate act.

Here’s to making it happen,


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