You want a strong, potent and decisively bad-ass brand.

So, naturally, you put your creative cap on and focus on crafting mind-blowing design and an earth-shaking logo. Bada-boom, bada-bam. Process complete. Right?

Well, actually … not so much.

I’d love to tell you that having an awesome logo is all you need for that shiny and oh-so-effective branding strategy to begin raking in the big bucks. But I care about you way too much to feed you that line.

So here’s the reality: One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients make is focusing solely on their logo and even their graphic design as a way to implement potent branding. Because while a great logo may get your foot in the door, it certainly isn’t the be-all-to-end-all (or even the entire process) of strategic branding.

So, what is branding?

Good question. And the truth is that there’s actually a whole lot more to this whole branding gig than just graphic design. One of the first lessons I teach my clients is that branding should be about intentionally building an emotional connection with your target audience.

And yes, that means nailing the visual side of things like your logo and website. But this process is also about deliberately nurturing a positive experience with your audience.

Your brand:
– Clues your audience in on what they can expect from your services and products.
– Sets the standard for your business.
– Offers you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and appear unique.
– Encapsulates who you are (and who you want to be), what you do, and how you are perceived in the marketplace.

What makes a good brand?

I like to joke that I don’t help businesses create good brands … I help them create great brands. Because something I’ve learnt first hand by being in the creative industry for 10 + years is that innovative branding has at least five different elements:

The visual: Logo, website, marketing collateral, the whole kit and caboodle.

The written: Website copy, blog posts, social media content, marketing collateral content, eBook and eCourse material and more.

The verbal: How you and your team speak and your business and through word-of-mouth educate and build brand perception.

The strategic: Your unique business voice and personality, cohesiveness across all platforms and mindful positioning in areas where your clients and target market hang out.

The emotional: How you interact and build a relationship with your target market and clients online and in real life.

And here’s the thing you really need to know: harnessing and combining all of these elements won’t just lead to better branding, it will allow you to mindfully and authentically build a strong relationship with your target market and ensure that your business is the name on everyone’s lips.

Now that’s a bada-boom, bada-bam branding strategy!

And your first challenge? Identify five ways in which you can improve your holistic branding (think all five elements) in the next week.

Some tips are to make the most of your social media page descriptions, explore creating a unique voice for your business and set up some professional but lovable scripts you can use for common customer questions.

Go forth and brand, my love!

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