Vision Board 2014

A little while ago I set a challenge for myself & my FACEBOOK likers to create a vision board for 2014. Well I finally did mine! It was so much fun to create & it has definitely helped me realise what I would like to focus on next year. Have a looksie at what I came up with….

vision board 2014

From top left to right this is what I am aiming for!

A new home + office: At the moment we are living in a teeny tiny home and it definitely feels like we are bursting at the seams! I would love for us to move into a bigger home so we can spread our mess out and so that I can have a beautiful new office that hopefully has a window! Dream big.

Hawaii: There is no use working hard if there is no time for holidays! Bring on LA & Hawaii. Gimme cocktails.

Gratitude: I think it is so important to take a moment each day to thank the universe for your blessings – I would like to continue this ritual next year.

Family Camping: For those of you who know me personally this one will shock you! I am usually a 5-star kinda gal but the idea of camping has grown on me. My girls are getting to the age now where I think they will love it, so I figure I better give it a chance.

Money: You evil beast money! I need to tame you in 2014!

Stop: Switching off is easier said than done, right? I aim to live in the moment next year, stop the worry & relax.

Love: Love needs nuturing, it needs work, its on my list.

Creativity: Keep doing what I am doing creativity wise, I want to keep loving what I do, so I need to keep creating and achieving.

Declutter: Oh what I would give for a beautifully organised linen cupboard or to be able to open the pantry and see labelled canisters! Its time to get it together.


Now that I have told the world my goals I have to achieve them! You can all hold me accountable. I would love to see your vision boards for 2014?! email me :)

Take Care

Anna x



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