The not-so important…



So there is nothing like a kid-free, work-free holiday to make you realise what is important in life. You know the stuff I am talking about:  babies, family & doing what you love.
It also highlights the not so important stuff in life that gets us bogged down. Here is  my list of TOP 5 THINGS THAT ARE NOT IMPORTANT….

1. Having a clean house.
Keeping a clean house when you work full time and have children is almost impossible. Basically no one is going to die if there are a few toys in the lounge room. Take this one off your stress list.

2. Buying stuff.
I am a consumer, I love to buy! But after a week of cocktails & beach I realised there is no beauty in buying “things”, only beauty in collecting memories. I am already planning our next holiday!

3. Having everyone like you.
Bottom line is, not everyone will like you. Time to accept & move on. Enjoy the people that DO like you & don’t waste energy on those that don’t get how awesome you are.  Neeeeext!

4. Petty arguements & misunderstandings.
Again, you can’t make everyone happy all the time but I think it is important to choose what you stress about. Is it really worth getting worked up about when your daughter won’t eat her breakfast? NAH. She won’t starve, sometimes it’s not worth the arguement.

Striving for perfection in motherhood & business is totally unrealistic. You have to do what works for you and find your own version of “perfection”.

See what clarity can be achieved by drinking cocktails directly out of pineapples?! I should totally do it more often. Tell me what isn’t important to you in the comments! :)


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