Does the word Branding scare you a bit? Yeah, I get that a lot.
That is why I have created The Brand Lab.
I want you to feel proud of your brand, I want you to feel confident that your
brand is aligned with your business voice and your ideal client, because great branding can help you punch above your weight!
I currently offer two services to help get your brand mojo pumping…

The Brand Consultant offering is perfect for boss-ladies who have been in business for a while but are ready to aim for higher paying clients and would like some guidance and vision from a pro (moi) on how to make it happen. Together we will come up with a direction for your authentic and aligned brand to snag those premium ideal clients.

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Are you fairly new to this online business world? or maybe you have DIYed your own brand and have outgrown it? This self-paced eCourse is perfect for the boss-lady who wants to dig deep and build a solid brand from day #1. You will receive 6 modules of invaluable content, worksheets, case studies, ebooks and videos.

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What makes me a BRAND EXPERT??!

Well after 15 years of top-notch industry experience. I’ve successfully built a business from bare bones to thriving. And I’m proud to say that after sevens years of pouring my heart and soul into Design With Style, it’s grown in leaps and bounds. I now have an amareballs employee to help me serve my full roster of clients and field design requests from movers and shakers from all corners of the globe. I’m also the co-founder of ROOOAR, the digital magazine redefining the landscape for female entrepreneurs.

But let’s be real: Branding is not something that comes easy to everyone. For me, Branding is my zone of genius. I have helped thousands of women bring their biz dreams to life with my branding magic dust. I know how to express your brand voice to your ideal clients in a visual way. And that is why I am a Brand expert.


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