The 5 People who make my biz better



An important lesson I learnt a long time ago is that you cannot run a business on your own. You need a gang of supportive peeps to help you along the way, and I’m not necessarily talking about employees! I’m talking about the people who make your everyday life easier.


Because here’s the thing: no matter how whiz-bang you are at your job, everybody needs help. So even though I’m a pretty kick-ass designer, and I can do anything, I definitely can’t do everything. So here is my power posse – the 5 people who I cant live without, and who make my biz so much better:


  1. My designer, Stella. Not only does Stella make my life awesome by sharing my workload but she also inspires me. It is so great that I have a like-minded person working alongside me to bounce ideas off and to get honest feedback. She is an absolute asset to my creativity and business.
  2. My Family. Doing the boss + mama juggle is hard and I could not do it without my family, who are there for me whenever I need a couple of extra hours to get stuff done.  I lean on them and they lean on me – it’s a good deal. Without them I would be a raving lunatic. (Oh, and I love school and day-care too!)
  3. My Accountant. I was always sucky at math, and bookkeeping is such a dull way to spend the day.  I am very lucky to have an accountant who can easily make sense of all my goings-on!
  4. My cleaning lady – Working from home is tough, especially when you have two evil spawn who like to cause havoc in every room! My cleaning lady not only keeps my house clean but also keeps my head from exploding. One less thing to deal with!
  5. My Clients. Not only do my clients provide me with $$ to put food on the table, they also allow me to do what I love – all day, every day. PLUS seeing women achieve their big, beautiful career dreams totally motivates me to kick butt in my own business.


So,  has this got you thinking? Do you need more people in your own power posse?
I’d love to hear your thoughts below – who would you love to have on your dream team?



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