Stay sane.


Running your own business can be stressful, right?
So I thought I would share some handy tips with you to help keep it real.

Top 5 tips for staying sane while running your own business…

1. Don’t over think decisions – go with your gut – some things are not worth agonising over.

2. Boundaries for yourself & clients – don’t work weekends & don’t reply out of business hours.

3.  Don’t force inspiration / motivation – strike while the irons hot but there is no use working when you’re not feeling it – check yourself before you wreck yourself!

4. Vent to your peers, they understand & will remind you that you’re normal-ish.

5.  The material stuff does makes day to day life easier – good coffee, chocolate & a beautiful office.

You know what else can keep you sane? an awesome graphic designer!
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