In my cheekier moments, I like to think of myself as the Sherlock Holmes of business coaches.

You see, it all begins when a client comes to me with their case. Sometimes, it’s through 1:1 coaching. Lately, it’s been through my Brand Your Biz eCourse. 100% of the time, it sends a surge of excitement straight to my creative branding extremities.

I ask some questions, they share some stories, and before long the facts get laid out on the table.

Then, the fun part begins.

With my virtual magnifying glass and notebook on hand, I pop on my what’s-really-happening thinking cap and get to work.

Diving under the surface of their calm, still business and brand pool, I explore the hidden depths, rustle up some diamonds in the rough and emerge with my hands full of shiny, pearls of insight and branding wisdom.

As it was when Gina George, a passionate but confused graphic designer, knocked on my virtual Branding Detective Agency (aka Brand Your Biz eCourse) door.


Almost immediately, I could see why.

You see, while Gina had been wholeheartedly fired up and passionate about her work, she’d mistakingly thought that as a one-woman-team she didn’t have the time – or energy – for the fussy foundational work. So (and this is a trap a lot of entrepreneurs fall into), she simply skipped it.

Instead, she dove straight into the getting-your-hands-dirty creative awesomeness that talented graphic designers like Gina adore doing.

And while Gina was kicking butt at being a brilliant graphic designer, her business was falling short in the confidence stakes. Behind the scenes, she questioned everything she did.

She loved what she created for her clients, but like the chef that doesn’t want to cook when she gets home, Gina hadn’t devoted the time and effort to building a brand she loved for herself.

“Honestly, I felt pretty blasé about my own brand. But as soon as I began working with Anna, it felt like everything started to come together. It was great because she understood how important it was for me to feel creatively fulfilled and inspired by the work I was producing while balancing that with being excited and motivated to move forward with my own brand.” Gina said.

Because, really, that was the missing link for Gina: spending some time setting up the foundations for her business, like a bad-ass brand that she adored, so she could then focus on what she does best: heart-fuelled graphic design.


Today, Gina’s new business brand – Kindred Spirit Collective – radiates with juicy, heartfelt confidence. And more importantly, Gina is radiating with juicy, heartfelt confidence!

But the Brand Your Biz eCourse isn’t just for established businesses. Another client, Emma Sutton, came to me with a totally different case.

“Before Anna’s course started, I was very much on the fence. Everything felt like a big ball of ‘I’m not sure where to go or what to do.’ I was filled with self-doubt and confusion about where to start and how to begin building the business i had envisioned.” Emma said.

And unfortunately this situation is all too common for fledgling entrepreneurs and businesses that have just started out (or haven’t even begun yet). Everything feels too big, too hard, too complicated and too complex. As a result, you can feel like you’re at a stand-still, idling at a red light but uncertain how you’re even going to move forward when the light goes green.

But as I tell all my clients, you’re not alone. A lot of people, and entrepreneurs, go through this. And a little (or a lot!) of uncertainty doesn’t mean that you can’t move forward. That’s why there are business coaches and eCourses out there – to guide you as you take your first steps on this exciting new journey.


And today?


You see, it’s elementary, dear Watson. Or at least … it can be.

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