In the spirit of new beginnings and looking ahead to what amazing journey that lays ahead we have put together a FREE printable for you to write down your intentions & goals for the year ahead. Print it out and write down your answers, then pop it in the front of your diary to refer to throughout the year just to keep you on track. 


Free printable


On a personal note, here are my intentions & goals for 2014!

My intention…

To live a grateful & content life.
To nuture the grand love in my life & find happiness in the little things.

Ideas I want to grow…

• This year I would like to do B-School

• I would like to hire my designer Stella full time

• A new studio!

Goals at home…

• Create a new effective routine for the girls now that Sofia is heading to prep

• Get organised

• Move into a lovely big home so we can spread out

• A vegie patch!

Goals at work…

• Keep thriving & creating!

• Continue the monster that is ROOOAR magazine

Goals for me…

• Practice daily gratitude

• Take time out for me – a coffee, an afternoon catch-up with friends, a manicure!

• Take time out to learn

• Exercise! I hear its good for you.


Dream big & take care!

Anna x 


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