Introducing my Boss-Ladies


I am getting closer to launching my eCourse Brand Your Biz like a Boss-Lady. I have been growing this baby of mine for the last few months and I cannot wait to share it with you all (like most babies it has been a lot of hard work but is a thing of beauty!)

Creating a business that shines bright with your passion is all about harnessing the connection between your talents and how you can uniquely make your mark on the world to build a business that is as fiercely devoted to your dreams and purpose as you are.

But first, you need to know the basics. You need some clarity and a bucket load of feel-good enlightenment. You need some relief and support for that full-to-the-brim entrepreneurial mind. And you need to know where you’re going (and why) so you’re set up for Boss-Lady success.

And that’s where I come in with the help of some lovely ladies…

I would like to introduce you to this amazing group of inspiring women that will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with you throughout the Brand your Biz like a Boss-Lady eCourse. Each of these ladies is a leader in their field and are living every day as a Boss-Lady! All of these women inspire me, some of them daily! So let me tell you about each of them….


I am yet to meet this lovely lady in the flesh however, I remember when I first discovered her on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine. To be honest it was boss-lady-mutual-love at first sight. From what I read about Kate and her teachings I knew instantly that I wanted to work with her and one day I WOULD. Funnily enough it was Kate who sought me out, she rang my office to talk about working together on some design work for her business, to say I was excited to hear from her was an understatement. Kate is the owner of Total Balance and is a coach, meditation teacher, speaker and writer. Kate has also recently had a book published (yes a real live book!) called “Believe in yourself & do what you love” – This beautiful little book is for anyone who needs to breathe a bit of positivity into their lives. It’s as much for an 18-year-old as it is for a 45-year-old – it’s for anyone who is ready to make some change. Kate has so much to teach all of us, she is wise, calm and generous.


Oh Jess. I call this lovely lady my word-wifey because without her my words would be lost and desperate and lonely! Jess is quite possibly the most lovely and absolutely delightful woman you could ever meet. She is a passion-fuelled writer who has the smarts of a scientist (or someone super dooper smart). Jess inspires me daily and is quite possibly the smartest person I know but officially….Jessica Larsen is a wordsmith and creative consultant. A recovering lawyer with a degree in creative industries, she helps people tell their stories so they can take the online world by storm. Her writing and strategic skills have helped her clients land book deals, win literary prizes, launch sold-out courses, and get published on major international platforms.


I had always been admirer of Kate’s work and always found myself in the same ‘circle’ as her but it wasn’t until I actually met Kate in person at our ROOOAR Magazine dinner in Melbourne last year did I actually become a raving fan. Kate was kind and wise and oh-so friendly and once again I had that “I must work with you” vibe. Who am I to diss the vibe? Kate McCormack is a Marketing & Business Coach & Consultant and qualified life coach. With an MBA & over 18 years experience elevating well-known Australian & International brands, Kate now employs her killer mix of marketing strategy & business savvy to amplify the success of female entrepreneurs. Prepare to learn from the master, Kate is in the


Nicki McKay Some of you may know that Nicki and I are the founders of ROOOAR Magazine. A digital magazine for female entrepreneaurs. Nicki and I have been partners in business and in friendship for about 5 years now. I think we are beyond friends now, we have been through lifes highs & lows together, shared a bed, gotten typsy, made mistakes & succeeded together. She is my rock, the person I go to when I find myself ‘stuck’ and she often can identify my issue before I can. Nicki is a web designer and digital strategist with over 10 years experience designing and developing websites. She collaborates with inspired entrepreneurs and graphic designers to help bring online visions to life. Nicki know’s what works in the digital space and she is going to share her knowledge with all of you.


I met Louise in Hawaii. True story. We were both attending the same wedding in Hawaii and we hit it off (read: ate and drank together for 5 days straight). Louise is possibly the most positive, happy, bubbly person ever (and thats not just Hawaii-Talkin’). Not only is Louise all of those wonderful things but she is also a complete pro when it comes to business. Louise runs two successful businesses; providing women with an intimate, empowering and relaxing Boudoir photography experience, and teaching photography online through her new website Click Love Grow. Louise has grown a thriving community via her eCourse and is going to share her secrets with us.


I met Jade via ROOOAR Magazine also, she was our fabulous event co-ordinator for our ROOOAR events in late 2014. Not only did Jade do a fanastic job organising our events she also won me over with her charm. She is a teeny tiny lady but has a HUUGE heart!! Jade is an event professional for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who get sweaty palms at the thought of running an event themselves. With over a decade of experience in event management, she has an unrelenting passion for giving her clients the ability to step into their spotlight and shine. Jade will be sharing her knowledge about creating events to reflect your brand with us.

Can you  believe there are more amazing boss-ladies still to be added to the team?! To stay in the loop about everything Brand it like a Boss-Lady related make sure you are on the VIP list sign up here



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