One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in the last 5 years is,  life doesn’t always go according to plan. No matter how much you plan and organise, the universe will always throw a spanner in the works – usually for your own good (growth hurts). Four years ago, I was a single mother with a 3 year old and with a bun in the oven. It was not my life plan but I had to deal with it. It was hard and life was dark for a while but I got through it. After my baby girl was born the sun started to shine a little brighter and I eventually found myself feeling ready for love again.

Before I met, my husband Leigh, I had no idea if i would ever find love again. I had a toddler and a baby and really didn’t think i would find someone who would love me & my girls they way we deserved. So, before i took the big leap to put myself out there into the big bad dating world I decided it was a good idea to let the universe know what I was after…. so i did what i do best and made a LIST!

I made a list of all the qualities my dream man would have…

  • be older than me – check!
  • have no kids – check!
  • have a real grown up career – check!
  • be taller than me – hmmm not so much
  • have a sense of humour – sometimes haha!
  • be loyal & loving – check!
  • and most importantly love my girls like i love them – BIG CHECK!

The universe handed me my dream man, although a bit shorter than I had asked for but Leigh is everything and more than I could ever ask for. He is kind, generous, a massive push-over, a pro at dad jokes, great at cleaning up vomit & poo explosions and is full of love. I am one lucky lady.

the new…. Mrs Anna Dower xx

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