There’s no denying that Facebook is a total must for your business. It gives your biz a voice and allows you to build a bustling tribe of followers.

But what’s the best way to use Facie as a platform for connection? What should you post on your business page to boost your visibility and bolster your relationship with your tribe?

The easiest way is to come up with a weekly routine that you can stick to. Something that gives you just enough structure to take overwhelm out of the equation, but leaves you a little wiggle room to get creative.

And for those of you who are super-organised (or super-busy) you can even schedule these posts in advance, which will allow you to get really cohesive with your messaging, will save you loads of time throughout the week and will ensure you actually Get It Done.


Your weekly schedule might look something like this…


Monday am – Monday Funny (this will show your personality and help you connect with your tribe on a personal level. Search the net for something that tickles your fancy – Pinterest is your friend!)

Monday pm – Reveal something new (whether it’s a new offering, a new add-on or a new project in the works – this will remind your tribe that they are on your page because you are in business, baby!)


Tuesday am – Wise Words (Quotes, quotes, quotes – they’re everywhere and people love ‘em to pieces. So why not quote yourself? Give your tribe some of your OWN words of wisdom and show them how off-the-charts helpful you can be.)

Tuesday pm – Inspiration (Share something that inspires you and that will speak straight to the hearts of your tribe. Show them how well you get them and what’s going on in their lives.)


Now it’s your turn to do the rest! How should the rest of your week look? Grab a fresh page and start to flesh it out!


A few things to remember:

  1. Try posting at a couple of different times each day to get a sense of what times your audience is most interactive.
  2. Showing your personality on your business page? Awesome. Car-crash over-shares? Not so cool. The magic formula: authenticity + professionalism + a little splash of soul.
  3. Ask your tribe questions, get them involved, draw them in to the conversation. The more people who like and comment on your posts, the better ranked and more visible the posts will be.
  4. Include images. These really make your posts ‘pop’ in amongst the rest of the newsfeed and encourage more click-throughs.
  5. Send your audience to your website as much as possible! Always, always link to your website or refer back to your site when posting.


So there you have it: a social media cheat-sheet for a totally rockin’ Facebook page. Now go forth, get planning, and get social!



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