Happy New Year! I feel like I am a bit late to jump on the 2015 bandwagon this year. This is the first time I have ever taken a month off work over the festive season. That being said, I have been doing bits & pieces for the last two weeks quietly for begging clients who sent me emails with subject lines like: I NEED YOU & I NEED A MIRACLE (you) and so forth. None the less I had a much needed break with my family after a HUUUGE year in 2014.

When it came to making resolutions this year I was so over the hype of it all, mostly because…
a) I was still tired from making goals in 2014 and
b) resolutions usually have an expiry date of 30 days for me

So, instead I chose to pick a word that would capture everything I hope to achieve in the year ahead.  Choosing words ain’t easy (neither is writing them!) but after some thinking, I settled on a word that felt good to me…. GROW.

Why did I choose GROW for 2015? Well here is 3 reasons why….

OK, so I am going to kick off the year with my HONEST PANTS ON! As I look around me at all of the amazing women in business I feel inspired but there is also a side that is started to worry me a little. I am noticing that a lot of entrepreneurs are forgetting to pay their dues. Ok I know that sounds harsh but I wholeheartedly want all of us to succeed and I have no doubt we all will if we allow our businesses to GROW over time, rather than jump straight into the deep end of coaching, mentoring, workshops, ecourses etc. It takes time to cultivate relationships with your tribe and I think it is better to GROW at a rate that allows you to learn skills and gain experience before jumping in the deep end. I want my business to GROW at a speed which I can keep up and at a speed that allows me to give my tribe the best of me.

–  Grow has an organic feel about it. I don’t want to force anything this year. I want less stress and more life. So as my family grows I would like my business to climb alongside it without the pressure of getting somewhere fast. As long as I am progressing in a forward motion that enough for me.

Grow just doesn’t relate to my business but to also my home life. I want to enjoy my girls and be there for the all the things! I want to help them become the amazing chicks they are. The last few years have not been on easy on them and I want to give them the best of everything (as all mothers do) including my attention and time. So for me… I choose to watch them GROW because they are the best part of my life.

If you are keen to make your business GROW in 2015, I can help you with all your graphic design and  mentoring needs, download my pricelist here.



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  1. Lauren says:

    Love this, you really hit the nail on the head with your word GROW. Ive just started running my freelance graphic design business full time from home and you have captured the essence of what I want my 2015 to be. thanks for summing it up in a word. :) Happy growing!

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