If you are one of my subscribers I can only assume you are an intelligent, successful business woman who knows the value of professional graphic design, right? So you know there are some things you should not design yourself, such as your logo, website & business cards hey… I sense you’re all nodding. Well, even though you aren’t a designer here are a few ‘designy’ type things you can do yourself without too much hassle.

  • Update your Facebook Timeline Image : Create a super cool collage
  • Resize and crop images + add text for more eye-catching FB & Blog updates
  • Create a simple animated GIF online

Here are some tips & easy resources to help you get your creativity on!

Facebook Timeline Image

The easiest way to give your business Facebook page a bit of a boost is to update your Timeline image with a vibrant collage of piccies. You don’t need to have any graphic design programs to do this you can simply do it online here. All you need to do is sign is using either Facebook or Instagram and drag and drop your images into place. Once complete you can upload to your Facebook page. Easy peasy.


Resize & Crop Images + Add Text 

Who needs photoshop? meh, not you! There is picmonkey instead. This free website allows you to add filters to your photo (similar to instagram), easily resize and crop them PLUS lets you add text on top with a range of different fonts on offer. Picmonkey makes creating eye-catching images super easy. It’s time to spruce up your blog & facebook page.


Create a simple animated GIF

You know that little flashing cube at the bottom of my email signature? *see below* well that is an animated GIF and you can now make one online fairly easily. All you need to get started is 3-4 images that are the same size & then you can upload them here, choose the dimensions, arrange your images and the GENERATE your GIF. So simple & it makes you look really clever.




I hope you all have fun designing & creating! In the meantime if you need some professional design help, send me an email here.

Dream Big!

Anna x



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