Okay, so over the last few weeks I’ve thrown some pretty heavy duty info your way.

You’ve had to wrap your head around the idea that branding wasn’t just about your graphic design (although that’s super important too) and that how your brand is perceived out there in the Real World is the key to attracting an abundance of loved-up clients and customers.

You’ve learnt about the written, verbal, strategic and emotional aspects of creating a bad-ass brand and you’ve gained insights into how other businesses are managing the whole awesome-branding spiel. All in all, it’s been a full-on few weeks.

But I want to reassure you that firstly, you’re doing GREAT (trust me, you’re way ahead of the game simply by devoting the time to thinking about this stuff) and that secondly it’s okay if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure at the moment too.

I’m coming from the perspective of oh-so-humble branding-bad-assery. With over ten years hands-on experience as a graphic designer and branding coach, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a myriad of businesses, brands and entrepreneurs. In short: I know my sh*t.

But this doesn’t mean that I expect you, after a month of unofficial branding training, to be a expert at this stuff.

And besides … there’s still one new idea I want to guide you through.

Opt-in effectiveness.

 Creating an opt-in for your website is super important for your brand. Why? Because it not only creates a brand experience for your tribe (such a generous freebie will make them FEEL special), but it will also help build faith in your brand.

You will also create a sense of ‘AUTHORITY’ in your field if you are willing to hand out information so easily without asking for anything in return money-wise.

Now, how does a eager entrepreneur transform their opt-in into a hard-working branding beacon? Easy.

Say hello to my FREE five-day opt-in-challenge.

Over five-days, we’ll cover:

Day one: A beginner-friendly guide to branding. You’ll also receive your free Opt-in Challenge workbook.

Day two: Identifying your ideal client (and why knowing what makes them tick is so important).

Day three: Pinpointing the problems and issues your ideal client faces (including valuable screencasts and examples).

Day four: How you can solve your ideal client’s problems (in a typically brilliant Boss-Lady way).

Day five: And finally the tool you can create to embody that solution.

At the end of our five days together you’ll be well on your way to hand-crafting a tailored opt-in solution for your business.

Ready to sign up and get in on the action? 

BONUS: On Monday 24th August I will be available to answer questions in the BOSS-LADIES Facebook group between 10am-11am.



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