Entrepreneurs who want a bold, engaging and recognisable brand
that easily captures their ideal client’s interest (without the need for lassoes, nets or booby traps)

Biz owners who want to ‘walk their walk’,
share their message, and live their mission

Up-and-coming boss ladies who want to go PRO from day one
and avoid the trial-and-error approach
(read: wasted time, effort and moolah) that most newbies go through when trying to build a brand

Women who want to be their own boss
while designing and bringing to life the lifestyle, income and business of their dreams

Anyone who’s ready to stop playing small and step up
as the big-time online maven they’ve always wanted to be

Now before we delve any deeper, let’s get something straight: branding is so much more than just having a pretty logo and a fancy layout. Branding is the sum total of how your market perceives YOU, your work, and your message. So every single aspect of your business is contributing to your brand – from the look of your site, to the tone of your blog posts, to the way you sign off your emails.

Which means: if you’re not intentionally creating a brand identity that’s authentic and aligned,
then you’re inadvertently creating one that’s not.

(Yep. Harsh but true.)


Your brand is the key to all of it. Your brand can move people. It can take them from bored and uninspired to raring to work with you. It can change everything about your business (including – you guessed it – your income).

Which is why it’s pretty (freaking) important to get it right.
And that’s where this eCourse comes in…

Created for dreamers, believers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, the Brand eCourse is the perfect partner-in-crime for designing and building a business and brand that inspires wild loyalty and big-time results.



To get you in the fire-eating, world-changing spirit, we will unleash your inner entrepreneurial warrior and treat that twerp fear to a proper beat down (in a loving way, of course). You’ll also:

  • Find your individual voice for your biz + brand (hint: it sounds like you being true to yourself)
  • Discover your ‘why’ and how you can keep your motivation levels high – and inner mean girl dialogue low – all the time
  • Get up close and personal with your target audience and step into their world to learn more about what they think, feel and you got it – want – so you’re serving up their needs on a platter



Next up, it’s all about showing you how you can design a biz and brand that attracts and connects with your ideal client and how you can offer them an enticing and memorable experience (rather than an everyday boring product or service). You’ll learn:

  • How to grow in confidence – both in yourself and in your brand
  • The secret to building an intentional – but wholeheartedly authentic – emotional connection with your audience.
  • All about your niche and how you can add the YOU in unique products



Module three is all about workin’ it and learning how to stand out from the crowd and become an innovator in world of duplicators. You’ll also check out the competition and gain some serious insight into how you can become a boss-lady in your field. You’ll get fired up about:

  • The beauty of simplicity and how you can create lip-smackingly luscious logos and branding that inspire an immediate emotional connection (and get shared on other people’s vision boards)
  • Creating a vision for your future that inspires you to skip out of bed each morning bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and eager to get started



In module four, you’ll be cracking your boss-lady knuckles and practicing the art of intentional branding and deliberate action so that your biz and brand can radiate with authentic awesomery. You’ll discover:

  • The secret to building a website that catches your customers’ eye in seconds and keeps them scrolling, clicking and buying
  • Why recruiting the perfect team of pros can support your biz and how you can get your own rad A-team
  • How to create can’t-say-no opt-ins that grow your lists, build faith in your brand, inspire and enrich your customers lives and attract serious moolah



In this module, I will nourish and empower your blossoming boss-lady to take charge and begin making waves in your industry. You’ll:

  • Uncover how to find the sweet spot for pricing your offerings
  • Learn how to grow an inimitable business that wields a captivating, recognizable and alluring brand voice across multiple platforms
  • Start shining bright as a boss-lady as you take advantage of my been-there, done-that and made-it-a-roaring-success expertise in using free marketing channels, social media to build your profile and boost your brand



And finally, you’ll experience the soaring bliss of sky-high self-confidence as I show you how you can keep the faith (even when the virtual crapeth have hit the virtual faneth). We’ll even:

  • Unearth ways you can happily and productively work from home, run your own business AND indulge in a real life (with regular holidays, lunch breaks, four-day weeks and the even the odd afternoon meditation session/nap)
  • Tick off your ‘I am an awesome boss-lady’ checklist and get you ready to roar in the business world

True brand alignment and solid foundations allow you to share your passion
and live your mission without becoming a cookie cutter entrepreneur.


Will this work for my industry?

Good news, my lady-in-waiting: if you have, or are thinking about, starting a business then this course is for you! I’m not industry-ist (all industries are equal, right?) and this course welcomes entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. From worm farming through to fashion design, you’ll be embraced with open arms. And maybe even a virtual cupcake.

What date does the course start?

This is an evergreen eCourse which means you can start & finish the course in your own time.

I have done a million eCourses before, how is this one different?

I am so glad you asked Boss-Lady! I have developed this eCourse to help online mavens like yourself create true alignment and solid foundations to share your passion and live your mission without becoming a cookie cutter entrepreneur. Don’t expect me to hand you all of the answers on a platter lovely, I believe all the answers lay within you – I am just giving you the tools of discovery to dig deep and uncover your own answers. At the end of the eCourse you’ll have a business that “feels like YOU”.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program each week?

Don’t worry – this isn’t a full-time course and you don’t need to invest a titanic amount of time or energy. In fact, the program has been designed to be achievable for you to tackle during a working week. I’m guessing that you’ll need to set aside two to four hours each week to read and digest information, journal and play with the worksheets.  It’ll be fun, I promise.

What happens when I enroll + pay?

You and I turn up the music and get shaking with a happy dance. While that’s happening though, you’ll be sent a digital welcome kit along with details on how you can access the eCourse. This will pop into your inbox within 24-hours of your connection with my ‘buy now’ button. You’ll also get a brief run down on how everything will work so you feel prepared and ready to go.


Sorry, we do not currently offer refunds or exchanges. The eCourse can be self-paced and completed in your own time.


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