Today I wanted to chat about the importance of brand consistency. Sure, we all know that consistency is important, but do we even know why? Never fear, I can help. In fact I have put together a handy checklist for you to help ensure your brand is, indeed consistent.

So let’s kick off with a the 3 top reasons brand consistency is KING: 

+ By consistently promoting your brand in a certain style it will not only create brand recognition but will also differentiate your business from your competitors.

+ By keeping you brand consistent you will repeatedly communicate your message in the same way which will create a crystal clear brand message.

+ Brand consistency exudes professionalism and allows you tribe to get to know and trust your brand (hello, tribe loyalty is essential!)

What is Brand Consistency?

+ Using the same business name, logo, and/or logotype.

+ Using specific fonts and brand colours across all platforms

+ Using consistent design element across all platforms, ie. always using the same style of photography and always placing the text in the same place.

+ Having set layout’s for your logo with and without your tagline and in various orientations, horizontal and vertical.

+ Creating similar design layouts across all of you brand elements, from a business card to a website, there should be recognisable design elements that are used the same way throughout.

So now you know why having a consistent brand is hella important, will you take the time to create a consistent brand?
Download your Brand Checklist here and make it happen!



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