A multi-passionate biz lady, bursting at the seams with passion & brilliance to share with the world. You wanna succeed and you want to connect with other boss-ladies who lift each other up. Sometimes you feel stuck and overwhelmed with all the ideas inside you and thats OK, I understand. You are ready but a teeny bit scared to put yourself out there and create a business that is truly authentically you. I can help….


A dreamer that plays big. I am a believer and a doer. Women in business come to me to help them create a brand that represents their dreams, vision & voice – it is a very personal journey that I am honoured to be a part of. I am a designer, a mentor & all round cheer-leader for women in business. My life is FULL, with work I am passionate about and people I love. I am the mama of two little diva’s, an introvert mostly (just add champagne), I am a stationary junkie and love to embarrass my daughters by singing loudly in the car.

I am Anna, I’m a designer, mentor and Chief Boss-Lady here at Design With Style.
I’m also the CEO and art director of digital magazine, ROOOAR
and driving force behind The Creative Circle.

I’ve been in this industry for more than 15 years, and though trends and typefaces have come and gone, there’s one thing that’s stayed constant this entire time… you. See, I believe that design and business strategy should always start with the client – it’s your voice, your vibe, your special something that I’m looking to capture and amplify.

Basically, I’m all about helping you be the best version of yourself possible. Whether it’s through a design that finally makes you feel amazing about your business, or through mentoring that genuinely helps you cut through the fear and confusion, I want to help you make your big bold biz-dreams come true.


+ The power of women empowering each other
+ Coffee first
+ Listening to Radiohead on repeat
+ Love not war
+ Karma
+ Dreaming BIG
+ Creating your own reality


I am passionate about working with women in business and nothing lights me up more than talking about it!
You can listen to chat about all things business and life related on these podcasts, blogs and magazines.
If you would like to interview me please get in touch here.


“Working with Anna was a dream and I’m so glad that I chose her to do my design work. She just got it! She understood what I wanted and as a result produced the most amazing images for me that left me speechless and in awe. Anna was able to translate my ramblings and ideas into something that created the true essence of what my business is all about. I’ll forever be grateful that Anna was able to help me take the step upwards that I needed to move from an amateur set up to a professional one. And I know I’ll be coming back to her when I need new work done. I really couldn’t have asked for more.” – GLENDA BISHOP


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