Getting a slick-and-soulful new design for your online digs is such an exciting process. It helps you shape how you’re going to show up online, how you’re going to serve your customers, and how you’re going to move forward in your business. But before you start thinking about colour schemes and fonts, there are a few things you need to get sorted FIRST, to ensure the end result is bang-on perfect.

  1. A business name and tagline. I know it’s not easy coming up with these gems, but it is vital for me to design a glorious logo for you. Taking time to get to know your target audience and doing some research can help. Brainstorm it up!
  2. Your target audience. Getting crystal-clear on who your ideal client is and what makes them tick is ESSENTIAL. (Want some help in this department? Check out this fancy-pants free worksheet I’ve created to help you figure it out. It’s seriously useful.)
  3. Your point of difference to your competitors. It’s important to be unique! You need to hone in on why your biz is different to your competitors. What’s so special about you and your product or service that will have your ideal clients flocking to you?
  4. How your business will work. Will you be selling stuff online? If so, what payment options will you accept? What’s your shipping arrangement? How will people book a session with you? All that stuff is important to sort out before you get started with a designer, so you know exactly what functionality you need from your new site.
  5. What you like. It’s time to hit Pinterest and start looking for colours, fonts and styles you dig. What resonates with you? What captures the essence of your business? What will allow your biz to evolve to the next level?

Nailing all these factors down before you kick-start the design process will help your designer get straight to the heart of what you want and bring your dream-site to life.
(Don’t forget to download your free worksheet to help you figure things out!)



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