5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Boost Your Biz


Let me guess… Engaged customers. Stacks of sales. Plenty of peeps pumped about your awesome offerings. You want them all, right?! But let’s face it, there’s a LOT of noise online. There are bucket-loads of businesses out there who are all trying to swim to the surface and pop out on top.

So what’s a bright n’ sassy biz gal to do?

Focus on boosting her online presence in ways that are smart, not sleazy. Do things that take minimum effort but have maximum impact. And offer her ‘right people’ amazing value, every step of the way. It’s a foolproof approach, and it works every time.  So if you’re looking to boost your biz in ways that are cheap, easy and awesomely effective, here are 5 sure-fire strategies that will plant you permanently in the hearts of your right people.

1. Give your clients something FREE.

Yep, people love free stuff. Entice them to sign up for your list by offering them a freebie. Make it something valuable to them, and you’ll be raking in the opt-ins like there’s no tomorrow. Think simple and useful. Like a free printable, a gorgeous wallpaper or a quick fill-in-the-blanks template. For the product-based businesses, think free shipping, free samples or a sneak-preview of your next big offering.

2. Run a Competition.

Make the most of social media and take advantage of the fact that you already have a ready-and-willing audience. Offer a tantalizing prize (which can be as simple as a free session with you) and craft a contest for your people. Encourage maximum sharing across all your social networks, like an extra entry for every share. And make the competition fun! Photos on Instagram are a great idea, and encourage them to hash-tag the hell out of it. Go viral!

3. Boost your Facebook posts.

This is a relatively cheap and easy way to target your audience (and it certainly beats trying to figure out the mystery that is GOOGLE ADS!). Craft intriguing and engaging updates, set your target parameters, and watch your visitor levels soar!

4. Create a loyalty program.

Know who your most important customers are? The ones you’ve already got, of course! Reward your loyal customers. Without them you would suffer. Think special bonuses, exclusive access, behind-the-curtains insights. Referral programs are also a great idea.

5. Setup a weekly email newsletter in Mailchimp. 

Engaging with your mailing list is the BEST way to nurture your audience and build a thriving tribe. It’s super easy and it keeps your audience engaged. (If you want any tips on this, check out our learning series lesson on this very topic).

So there you have it. 5 easy, actionable ways to boost your biz for big-time results.

Now it’s over to you – what are your quick-and-dirty tips for pumping up your online presence? Share away in the comments!


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