Last week, I found myself smack-bang in the middle of a shit-storm. Everything had built up and things were about to explode (and by ‘things’, I mean my head).

My own particular brand of overwhelm usually derives from a delightful blend of the following factors:

  •  The stress of being overworked
  •  The drama of my personal life (insert sour comment about divorce here)
  • The full-blown busyness of mamahood
  • All of the above

And this time? It was so consuming, I couldn’t think. I couldn’t do anything. Does this ever happen to you? Out of control overwhelm? You get so caught up and bogged down in it all that you feel like you’re drowning.

And unfortunately, when you’ve got ‘grown up’ commitments – like being a boss, a business owner and a mum – it’s tough to go AWOL and drink or shop your sorrows away. Little mouths need feeding and deadlines need meeting and it all can become just a bit Too Much.

So as I lay awake in bed – heart thumping, brain spinning, stress spiralling – I wrote an Emergency First Aid prescription for times like these. And better yet, I followed it, implementing the steps I came up with over the subsequent days. And, y’all, it helped. Seriously.

So if you’re currently swamped and feeling the pinch, give these babies a whirl, gift yourself a little breathing room and get some sweet, sweet relief.



Take a day off work. For real. Just do it. I did it, and it made such a difference. I delegated the urgent jobs and didn’t over think it. My attitude has already changed dramatically. Sometimes you just need to take a momentary step away from everyday life to refocus.

Sit in the sun and soak up the natural goodness of the universe. My happy place is a beach just down the road. When the tide goes out you can wander along the sand dunes for miles. When I am walking on that sand, in the sun, the world goes quiet. I can think and feel without the disruption of the ‘real world’. It totally soothes my soul.

Think about everything you have to be grateful for. I have soooo much to be grateful for in my life, seriously! The good definitely outweighs the bad, and sometimes a gentle reminder is a very good thing… I am grateful for my girls, my beautiful man, the opportunity to run my own business and make my own hours, my loving family, my home, the food in my fridge… the list goes on.

Channel your inner turmoil into something positive and creative. I channelled this shit-storm into a blog post for example! Pick up a pen, a laptop, a paintbrush or whatever happens to float your boat, and let it all flow out of you.


Do you have any hot tips for when life gets overwhelming and the proverbial hits the fan? I’d love to hear your strategies in the comments below!


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