If you want to be successful, you need to sell yourself on social media.”
“And if you really want to make it big, you need to write a book.”
“But if you want earth-shaking success, you’ll need to start up a podcast.”

Heard any of these before? Yep, me too.
And honestly, on the surface, they’re all great pieces of advice.

Except if you suck at social media. Or self-promotion. Or writing. Or book writing. Or creating podcasts. Or any of the other steps in the myriad of cookie-cutter get-rich-and-brilliantly-successful-now plans.

You see the problem with generic advice is that it’s, well, generic.

Generic adjective

characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.

And in case you haven’t grasped how dangerous generic advice can be for your business, allow me to share a hypothetical story with you.

This story is about a beautiful lady called Jane. Jane runs a graphic design business that focuses on clients that are first-time biz owners.

Now, in an attempt to grow her own business, Jane participated in an online course. The eCourse was essentially a cereal box entrepreneurial plan that walked her through the eight must-have elements of creating a successful business.

One of the elements in the program talked about using webinars as a tool to connect with her audience. Again, good advice … if you enjoy hosting webinars and are good at it. But Jane did not and was not.

And so, after struggling through four lack-luster self-hosted webinars (none of which offered her any leads or obvious benefits, in fact she had even begun to wonder if they were causing her business more harm than good), she couldn’t help but believe that she was the problem. Because after all, if all she needed to do was xyz in order to be successful, and she had done xyz, then clearly the issue was her. Right?


Oh-so-unbelievably wrong.

Because while the advice itself wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good wisdom for Jane. It wasn’t an authentic path for Jane.

Hosting webinars wasn’t something that Jane wanted to do and by forcing herself to run them, she wasn’t being true to herself or her business.

What she needed to do instead was find her zone of genius.

Zone of genius

  1. that incredible space where passion intersects with skills and you feel blissfully authentic and empowered.
  2. where the magic happens.

How to find your zone of genius
And like most of my favourite wisdom, discovering your zone of genius is actually quite simple. Here’s how.

Step 1. Write down everything you enjoy doing and are passionate about.
Step 2. Write down everything that you’re good at/skilled at and with.
Step 3. See where the two categories intersect.

Where the two categories intersect is where you’ll find opportunities for your zone of genius.

For me, I’m passionate about helping women entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams. My talents and skills lie in art direction and graphic design. Hello, ROOOAR Magazine and Design With Style; two businesses deliberately designed to make use of both my passions and talents.

In fact, I created an eCourse harnessing both of these elements and devoted to empowering women to create a brand that is authentically them. I don’t ever tell anyone what they SHOULD be doing though, because all of the answers will come from YOU, which is why it’s such a powerful reference point for you now and in the future.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your zone of genius? And how can it help you become the authentic entrepreneur your biz deserves?

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