So it is that time of the year again. It’s time to sit back and reflect on the year that was. I know its been said before, but, how fast did this year ago? like super-duper-ridiculoso fast, and now that I look back on it, I jammed ALOT in to those 12 months. 

Let’s break it down…

+ I launched my eCourse, Brand Your Biz Like A Boss-Lady.
This eCourse nearly broke me! No lie :) It was sooooo much work, time and passion, it was freaking INTENSE. But once it was launched into the world and I started getting awesome feedback  and all of those INTENSE feelings started to fade away. My launch wasn’t HUGE, you know how you hear about all of those 6 figure launches? well I am keeping it real, the first round of my eCourse brought in 5 figures, which meant 2015 has been the most financially rewarding  year for me business-wise since my launch 6 years ago.  Pretty awesome right? #winner

+ The Creative Circle happened.
I have a tendency to think up BIG IDEAS and make them happen almost immediately. Sometimes the ideas work out and sometimes they don’t. When I came up with the idea for a mastermind group for graphic designer boss-ladies I was coming off the eCourse HIGH so everything seemed possible haha. The Creative Circle was a fabulous idea and I loved every minute of it. I guided three young graphic designer boss-ladies through the highs & lows of the industry over 3 months. I taught them and they taught me. The Creative Circle will be huge in 2016. You can check out the hype here. 

+ Love.
2015 was the year I had been waiting for. This year I married my soul mate. The man who I respect, adore and truly love. I feel extremely lucky. #megawinner

+ My bae.
As most of you know I have a side-kick, designer whiz Stella. This year Stella started working with me full time. We have worked together for 3 years now and it just gets better. She is my designer soulmate and together we create magic. It’s pretty special. 

+ Glorious women.
This has been the year of WOMAN. I have worked with so many passionate, driven, intelligent and thoughtful women this year, with DWS & ROOOAR Magazine. I met many of them, hugged most of them and was inspired by all that I met. The community of boss-ladies out there is strong and I really-truly do feel honoured to work with them & among them.

Tell me the 5  best things about your year? I would love to know!


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