Not sure if you can be bothered creating an opt-in?
Not sure if it’s worth the time and effort?
Not sure if this task warrants rising to the top of your already-stuffed to-do list? Let me tell you, lady: it’s worth it!

Creating an opt-in for your website is super important for your brand. Why?

Because it not only creates a brand experience for your tribe (such a generous freebie will make them FEEL special), but it will also help build faith in your brand.

The way to build faith in your brand is to be generous with your knowledge, wits, and charm, of course. Once you have given your tribe the answers and useful information they desire – for FREE – you will be creating a relationship with them based on generosity and advice. You will also create a sense of ‘AUTHORITY’ in your field if you are willing to hand out information so easily without asking for anything in return money-wise.

Here are my top 10 design tips to keep in mind when designing your opt-in:

1. Keep it Brand Consistent. When designing your opt-in it is essential that you keep the look and feel consistent with your brand. That means, making sure that the design can be recognised as a part of your business. The best way to do this is to carry your brand colours and images throughout.

2. First Impressions. I know we aren’t meant to judge a book by its cover but we totally do! Make sure your front cover design will capture the attention of your ideal audience within seconds. Make it bold, clear & concise.

3. White Space. White space is super sexy and it will make your opt-in look clean & professional. Don’t be afraid to spread out your content to allow white space.

4. Font Styling. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. Basically it is important to have consistent and clear font styling throughout so that the reader can easily recognise headings, lists, quotes & new sections. So I would have the following different font styles

HEADING, LARGE BOLD / Sub-heading bold, smaller /  Quote text italic and indented / Body Copy

5. Spend money on the little things. I know you opt-in isn’t going to be a paid product that you offer but that doesn’t mean it should look cheap & nasty. Don’t be afraid to Invest in some lovely fonts & stock images. Check out these sites – myfont / stocksy / creative market

6. Make it work for digital. You opt-in will be a digital product so make the most of it by using clickable links throughout. This is great for referencing previous blog posts that might be relevant.

7. Calls to Action. When designing your opt-in make sure you have clear & concise calls to action throughout. Perhaps pull these out into a highlighted box to make sure they are noticed. Also make sure these are clickable links too.

8. Consistent Promo Images. Marketing you opt-in is just as important as creating it. So make sure you have matching promotional images to splash around social media. Don’t be afraid to show off the inside pages as well – if you are offering an ebook.

9. Printables. If you are offering a printable as your opt-in it is important to also consider the amount of ink your consumer will need to use to print it out. Keep the ink coverage to a minimum for checklists & printables.

10. Images speak a thousand words. Use beautiful images throughout. It is important to make your opt-in feel luxury and special, so inspire your audience with gorgeous images.

So now is the time to go forth and make your opt-in a reality boss-lady!


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